Data Structures and Algorithms

I’ve been learning Data Structures and Algorithms since I graduated from Flatiron School. There are a lot of good online resources that you can use. They are online code challenges, videos, books, blogs. However, I start losing track due to overwhelming resources. I try to learn a specific topic at a time, but I forget the other language by the time I finish it. When I try to use the parallel approach I run into the problem that I can’t be able to remember all of the things that I learn. So I pick my favorites and study 1–3 of them at the same time. Here are the online resources that I currently use.

Code Challenges

You can learn Data Structure and Algorithms by practicing code challenges at and Try to solve 1–2 problems and spend 1–3 hours per day. You should solve a 200–300 problems before the job interview.


If you like to learn by watching videos. You can use these links. It’s easy to learn by watching videos.


You can join (#flatiron-algorithm-club) slack channel to learn algorithm with others.

Github & Blogs:

These are very good Githubs sites that explain more about Data Structure and Algorithms. You can test them out by cloning their repositories to your IDE.

New programming languages:

If you like to learn or improve your current language skill you can try these sites. They have a lot of good free online courses.


I’ve been studying these books to reinforce my JS and Data Structure and Algorithms skills. They have very good challenges.

I am currently following guidelines from to keep my study on track because I spend too much time to learn different things at the same time. I would recommend trying out some of them and finish 1–3 of them at the same time before starting a new one. Also, I use VS Code, IDE for coding. I am going to use whiteboard coding to prepare for job interviews and practice coding. You can test your skill by getting a free interview at pramp. I also included JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure examples with the link below.




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