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Front-End Developer Assessment

I graduated from Flatiron school last year. I have been prepared for my job search since then. I had a couple of HR phone interviews, technical interviews. Some companies asked you to take the assessment test prior to the phone interview. Here is an example of an online assessment test that I have recently done. This is for the Front-End Developer position that I applied for. There are 3 different questions for the test. You have 90 minutes to finish the test with the online IDE.

  1. JavaScript:

The function was provided and you need to fix the code.



Landing-page: The pictures folder and plain Html file were provided. You have to follow the instructions were provided and modify the Html file like the landing-page below. I added style.css and modified the index.html file. You can read the solution at the bottom of the blog.

index.html continue

The CSS file is included in the repo.


3. Vue

You need to modify the provided Vue file by adding the increment counter button name Click and the starting default value is 42.


Change directory to my-app then run the command

cd my-app
npm run serve

You will see the Vue app like this.


Check for uppercase or lowercase

Check if the character is number


Github Vue example code

How to install Vue

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